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    General Purpose Resins    
    PALATAL® P 4 TV-128 Ortho Multi-purpose HLU, thick laminates, DNV-Lloyd’s approval

    PALATAL® P 4 TV-129




    Multi-purpose HLU, thin laminates, DNV-Lloyd’s approval


    Low Styrene Emission & Ultra Low Styrene Emission    
    PALATAL® U 541 TV-05 Ortho Multi-purpose HLU, thin laminates, LSE
    PALATAL® U 541 TV-11 Ortho  
    PALATAL® U 570 TV-04 V Ortho HLU, thick laminates, improved LSE, enhanced performance
    PALATAL® U 569 TV-03 Ortho HLU, thick laminates, LSE, enhanced performance
    SYNOLITE® 0288-I-2 ISO Multi-purpose HLU, thick laminates, good retention of properties, RINA approval
    SYNOLITE® 6060-P-1 Ortho Multi-purpose, also available in white
    SYNOLITE® 2020-P-1 Ortho Multi-purpose, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
    SYNOLITE® 8388-P-1/2/3/7 DCPD Multi-purpose HLU, thick laminates, LSE, DNV-Lloyd’s approval
    Fire Retardants    
    SYNOLITE® 8175-U-2    
    SYNOLITE® 8175-U-5 DCPD High reactive resin for polymer concrete applications
    SYNOLITE® 2754-P-1 Ortho BS 476 Part 7 – Class 2
    SYNOLITE® 2754-W-2 Ortho Fire Retardant HLU, flled, BS 476 Part 7 – Class 2
    SYNOLITE® 2779-P-2 Ortho  
    SYNOLITE® 3355-W-3 Ortho Fire Retardant HLU, flled, BS 476 Parts 6 & 7 – Class 1/0, NF M1/F3, NFX 10-702, NFX 70-100

    SYNOLITE® 5001-T-1











    Fire Retardant HLU, when flled with 300 phr: NFP M1/F0, DIN 4102 – B1 (3-4mm), BS 476 Parts 6 and 7 – Class 1/ 0, BS 6853 Category 1a, DIN 5510 (S4, SR2, ST2) – Mechanical properties of reinforced resin